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Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Johnson

Interior Designer

New Grad: It's OK to Fail

Pick your jaw up off the ground and hear me out. Not too long ago (OK, you caught me! It’s been almost a decade), I was a perfectionist student. Failure was not in my vocabulary. I came into the workforce ready to succeed. Yet, the real world isn’t like school; there aren’t always clear answers or books to tell you how to complete tasks.

Erin Ayers

Erin Ayers

Architectural Intern

Internships 101

Searching for an internship can be overwhelming. There are so many great firms, and finding the right one might not be as easy as you’d hoped. After going through the internship experience, I wanted to share some insights on getting through the process successfully.

Alex Goldberg

Alex Goldberg

Architectural Designer

Pro Tips from a Former Intern

Having an internship is an amazing opportunity, no matter where you go. Never be afraid to use that opportunity to explore different facets of the profession. Internships are a chance to gain experience and be exposed to new environments, people, and ways of doing things. 


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