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Why Sustainability? [A Business Case]

We’re passionate about performance-driven design at Hoefer Wysocki. To that end, we believe that sustainability is an integral consideration of the lifecycle of a building. From design and construction through occupancy and operations, thoughtful stewardship of resources – including human, capital, and natural – is vital to ensuring our communities remain vibrant.

Sustainability is more than a good marketing strategy. It is the best way to design to create healthy spaces for occupants, positively impact the communities around them, and steward our planet’s resources. Sustainable buildings provide the best overall value to our client, no matter the building type.

Approach to Sustainability

We begin all of our projects with an integrated process, getting multiple disciplines to the table early to discuss a holistic sustainability strategy where all building aspects are working together to achieve the goals of the project. Our goal is to make sustainability a discussion since the needs and challenges of every client, building type, and surrounding environment are so unique. Through this, we hope to create a solution that benefits all project stakeholders.

Our team is fluent in several sustainable practices and standards including:

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