Services: Needs Assessment, Master Planning, Site Selection, Design, and Construction Administration

Project Size: 36,000 sq. ft.

Location: Blue Springs, Missouri

LEED Silver

Saint Luke’s Multispecialty Clinic

This flagship facility is one of two that St. Luke’s developed in response to patients’ desire and need for convenient yet comprehensive healthcare. The newly constructed, $11.6 million clinic provides specialized outpatient care including imaging, pharmacy and lab in a facility that is close to home and easier to navigate than a traditional hospital.

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The clinic’s floor plan is flexible and exam room design is standardized to allow for rotating specialists to see patients without resetting the rooms. Treatment units include exam rooms that are paired with work spaces, provider offices, restrooms, and medicine and equipment storage. Each unit was designed to be self-sustaining, efficient, and to decrease patient, doctor, and technician waiting times. The existing site can accommodate future growth and the modular specialty unit can be replicated.

The patient-centered design  also focuses on  the community and the environment. The LEED Silver   clinic features indoor and outdoor spaces that provide extensive daylighting, superior air quality, low-emission building materials, and flexible  thermal and lighting controls.

To minimize construction waste and reduce the clinic’s future environmental impact, recycled materials, and water and energy efficient equipment installed, and a well landscape property all contribute to the clinic’s sustainability.

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