Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Administration

Project Size: 95,000 sq. ft

Location: Gladstone, Missouri

Northland Innovation Center

Embodying education as the infrastructure of the future, the five-story Northland Innovation Center (NIC) in Gladstone, Missouri, intends to create an innovative learning environment for future generations. The Northland Innovation Center is a successful example of a collaboration between the public and private sector as an investment in the future of education. The design concept is focused on creating an urban, vertical campus for students in kindergarten through post-secondary programs.

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The NIC is the first of a two-phase campus master plan for innovative education, art, and culture. The 95,000-sq. ft. Phase 1 tower houses the North Kansas City Schools Students in Academically, Gifted Education (SAGE) program for both elementary and middle school students, and the Northwest Missouri State University’s Kansas City campus. This vertical campus creates a framework to generate new ideas with minimally partitioned spaces to foster applied learning that closely resembles today’s high-tech workplace.

This pioneering concept will test the notion of the new urban school where students at all levels learn, teach, and mentor under one roof.

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