Services: Interior Design, Construction Administration

Size: 41,000 sq. ft.

Location: Manhattan, Kansas

Kansas State University | Hale Library Dave & Ellie Everitt Learning Commons

The Hale Library at Kansas State University is an ornate campus landmark originally constructed in 1927, with an addition completed in 1997. As the central hub of campus, the goal was to transform the outdated library space into a collaborative, collegial experience focused on the interaction of people and technology. The program reflects a pedagogical shift to social learning with a flexibility that accommodates a dynamic campus culture and a diverse program of services.

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Inspired by the idea of the library as a home-away-from-home, this is a place where students can gather and engage in learning as a social activity. The design offers student’s five distinct zones to meet, study, relax, invent and share ideas. Driven by the notion of creating a library without books, the learning commons will provide an environment for students to collaborate and work in groups as well as areas for direct instruction and controlled and introspective study. Most importantly, it encourages students to make the space their own. The walls and furniture are flexible and movable to reflect the learning mode of each group or individual. The space program is designed for the digital age and encourages students to interact with their physical environment.

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