CORPUS CHRISTI, Tex.—The Kansas City-based architecture and design firm Hoefer Wysocki has been commissioned to work in conjunction with developer US Federal Properties (USFP), also of Kansas City, to build a Veterans care facility in South Texas.  The Community-Based Outpatient Clinic will be built for client U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Texas Valley Coastal Bend Health Care System and will be leased to the VA.  The new facility will be conveniently located near the VA Specialty Care Clinic as well as public transit and major freeways for maximum accessibility.

The two-story, 75,000-square-foot clinic will apply the VA’s Patient Aligned Pact Care Team (PACT) model of care, which focuses on a treatment plan tailored to each individual veteran’s needs.  The Community-Based Outpatient Clinic will offer both primary care and mental health services for the estimated 25,000 veterans who reside in the greater Corpus Christi area.

Additionally, the leased-facility model allows the VA department to eventually realign its care options for the future as the needs of the local Veterans community potentially shift with changing care needs as well as fluctuating demographics.

Hoefer Wysocki’s design motif takes into account efficiency and sustainability.  And as Corpus Christi is located on the Gulf of Mexico, the architecture firm’s design incorporates nautical motifs, such as a calming covered entryway that is meant to be reminiscent of water.  Furthermore, the clinic’s design is meant to marry interior and exterior spaces such that they appear to patients and visitors to be simultaneously indoors and outdoors.  To accomplish this melding, Hoefer Wysocki will be installing large windows as well as landscaping along the exterior to promote a bigger healing environment.

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