Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Medical Equipment Planning, Construction Administration

Size: 42,700 sq. ft.

Location: Grand Prairie, Texas

Methodist Health System | Convenient Care Campus

Methodist Health System emphasizes the importance of patients receiving care closer to home in an adaptive, community-based approach – one that fits the system around the patient versus the patient fitting in with the system. This philosophy will lead to increased efficiency, cost reduction and patient satisfaction. The new Methodist Health System Convenient Care Campus will include a 42,700-sq. ft. facility on a 10.3-acre site with the potential to expand to 100,000 sq. ft. The campus offers immediate access to urgent care, diagnostic imaging and physical therapy, primary care and specialty clinics.

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Clarity of circulation and patient orientation is paramount to proper navigation of the campus. Therefore, the design takes advantage of site topography to create dual-level entries into the building. This feature reinforces directional ques to the clinic and Urgent Care / diagnostics entries, as well as segregates parking on two levels thus allowing spaces to be closer to their respective front doors. The concept of dual level entries has a positive effect on building massing and its effect on bordering neighborhoods by allowing maximum height to front the roadways and minimal height fronting the neighborhood, therefore creating a respectful scale.

Health and well-being alongside workplace and building performance were programmatic requirements of the Convenient Care Campus. Understanding that natural light is the essential synchronizing agent of biological rhythms, the facility was sited along an east-west orientation to optimize daylight infiltration to increase alertness, metabolism and positive mood while reducing fatigue, irritability and eye discomfort. This orientation, in conjunction with solar shades, enhance building performance by controlling direct beam solar radiation which will reduce cooling loads. Site amenities such as walking paths, tree bosques and outdoor entertainment/play areas facilitate activity and well-being.

Visual presence and becoming a focal point for the surrounding neighborhood was essential.

The strong definition of two distinct geometries creates the character and image of the building, taking away its reliance on building materials as a main source of identity. The break-up of the two masses allows the building to establish a scale proportionate to surrounding neighborhoods and establish itself as part of the community.

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