TEVA Pharmaceuticals Corporate Headquarters

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The Connect Zone Teva Neuroscience’s new home is a premiere five-story, “Class A” corporate headquarters nestled into a beautifully landscaped campus on a high-profile intersection in Overland Park, Kansas. The building includes a cafeteria, pharmacy, exterior balconies and flanked by courtyards, an intricate and expansive water feature and structured parking. Another employee amenity is the well-maintained walking/jogging path that rings the campus.

This rapidly growing, employee-focused company wanted to maintain its small-company feel as it sought a larger home. Hoefer Wysocki designers crafted a building with “Teva Connect Zones,” open, employee-focused interaction area highlighting the company’s bold art and memorabilia. These zones are interconnected by a five-story open stairway springing from a welcoming lobby.

A strong corporate identity is created through the architecture and interior design. The open office planning optimizes efficient workspaces and workflows with a focus on providing access to natural daylight and views for all Teva employees.

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