Park Central

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Shifting Into High Gear Park Central III is a 21-story office tower with large flexible floorplates, great proximity to DFW’s major business districts, and a variety of sought-after amenities. The building offers over 700,000 sq. ft. of available tenant space and a currently underutilized and outdated multi-volume lobby.

Right now, the lobby functions as a transient environment that does not lend itself to long-stay use and enjoyment. Thus, the proposed incorporation of new destination zones allows the sizeable lobby atrium to be efficiently utilized and enhanced. High-back seating provides privacy for conversation, and community tables with access to technology hook-ups span one end of the lobby.

This proposed renovation would provide all new materials and finishes, complete with specialty thin floor tiles that can be installed on top of the existing floor in order to save cost and minimize down-time. The rhythm of the floor pattern stripes aligns with the existing architectural promenade of columns in order to complement existing geometry. The six-volume atrium is anchored with a large feature wall with bold color and texture. Decorative lighting fixtures take advantage of the high ceilings to bring both light and art into the space.

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