Overland Park XChange

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A Holistic & Modern-Day Office Solution The Overland Park Xchange (OPx) is a redeveloped premiere office space focused on meeting the needs of the new millennial workforce. The 705,000 square foot space is designed with high-tech corporations in mind who are seeking the perfect mix of location, large contiguous floor plates and a modern office environment.

This holistic project approach provides tailored solutions for the project site, the building’s exterior design character, the day-lighting within the office space, the M/E/P system and sustainable features. International engineering firm Black & Veatch is one of the first and largest tenants in the OPx.

Large clerestories and skylights were used to provide abundant daylight to the central portions of the space. Color was used to identify common areas, meeting rooms and other special features. Ten-foot high ceilings were used to provide daylight deep into the space and provide a more comfortable scale.

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