One Greystone Centre

  • One Greystone Centre
Out of the Shadows Greystone Centre is a 15-story Class A office building located in central Dallas with visibility from the LBJ Freeway and the Dallas North Tollway. Built in 1993 and previously renovated in 2003, the building is in need of updates to enhance to the aesthetics within the main lobby.

In order to add value as well as minimize renovation cost, the primary architectural features are maintained, such as the granite-clad elevator core walls, balcony rails and stairs. Large wood walls are strategically introduced to not only provide a vertical element that highlights the volume of the space, but also to add warmth to the palette through the color and texture of a natural material. New finishes are proposed on the floors, perimeter walls, and ceilings to brighten the space and modernize. Bold color accents provide visual zoning as well as bridge the contrast between the dark granite walls and light-colored surrounding elements. Lighting improvements are key as they provide the appropriate light-level within the refreshed environment as well as add design value to the space with the use of decorative hanging fixtures.

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