Northland Innovation Campus

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Contemporary Education for an Expressive Community The five-story Northland Innovation Campus (NIC) intends to create learning opportunities for future generations that occupy a space programmed for Gladstone’s walkability and expressive community. Paired with current developments in the Village Center, NIC introduces its audience to a contemporary environment for education, nested in a re-gentrification of the Northland’s up-and-coming neighborhood. The presence of an active intersection meets the needs of Gladstone’s increasing automotive traffic throughout the urban development. While a dense population of trees provides the opportunity for a rural retreat with the view of a natural grove. Programmed from the ground up, the North Kansas City School District has allocated room for various educational functions. Students in Academically Gifted Education (SAGE), where gifted students can learn, collaborate, and innovate beyond the infrastructure of their traditional classroom setting will occupy space within the NIC. The building will include secured entrances, access to the outdoor playground, and interior square footage for necessary classrooms, faculty amenities, and support facilities.


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