Kansas City South Patrol Station

  • KC-South-Patrol-Exterior-01
  • KC-South-Patrol-Exterior-02
  • KC-South-Patrol-Interior-01
  • KC-South-Patrol-Exterior-03
  • KC-South-Patrol-Interior-06
  • KC-South-Patrol-Exterior-04
A Leap Forward in Public Safety The goal of this project was to combine several departments into one location, resulting in savings for the City on land acquisition, construction costs, and operating/maintenance costs and allowing for more shared training areas and storage facilities between units. The campus plan includes several small buildings such as a large vehicle and motorcycle storage building, a multipurpose building, a fuel dispensing station, and a canine kennel.  This entire facility was designed to serve as an efficient, collaborative, and versatile function of the community.

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