Kansas City Fire Station No. 16

  • Fire-Station-16-Ext-01
  • Fire-Station-16-Ext-02
  • Fire-Station-16-Int-01
  • Fire-Station-16-Int-02
  • Fire-Station-16-Int-03
Three-Bay Reconfiguration The Hoefer Wysocki design team led the discovery process to explore how the three-bay facility could be reconfigured to provide the firefighters a more comfortable living arrangement, improve the public entry experience, and accommodate mixed-gender crews. By lowering the grade on one side of the building, we were able to create an iconic and accessible front entry and create some separation between the public entry and the crew’s living quarters. Also, by moving an interior wall to utilize unused square footage in the apparatus bays, the amount of space for a dayroom and kitchen was dramatically increased without the need to expand the exterior walls of the building. The station now has a thoroughly modern appearance, easily identifiable main entrance and comfortable living quarters, including seven private bunk rooms and a Captain’s quarters.


  • 2008 Fire Chief Magazine Station Style Design Notable Award in Renovation

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