High Five Fitness

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What is it? The new High Five Fitness is a new 168,000 square foot sports facility in the city of Allen, Texas. Convenient connectivity to the I75 expressway will make it an ideal location for new sports teams and sports tournaments.

How did we do it? The goal was to create an active and connected environment, while minimizing the overwhelming scale, typically associated with sports facility. The three major sports components (Soccer, Basketball & Volleyball) are expressed as bigger volumes that are connected via a public spine that gives access to functional spaces and amenities. The building is oriented east-west and its form is the result of the optimal PV sun angle and the desire to harvest rain water for irrigation.

Why was it successful? The new High Five Fitness responds equally to function and experience in order to become a prime destination for sports and the local community. The presence of this new building, along with outdoor parks and plazas, will allow for social events and the celebration of health and wellness.

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