Fischer Park Nature Center

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Historic Farmland for the Community Fischer Park is a 58 acre park that is the first significant land acquisition for a park by the city since 1974. The land was previously owned by a local farming family and has several assets existing on site such as the farmhouse, farm buildings, two ponds and a wetland. Hoefer Wysocki teamed with Terra Design Group to developed alternative concepts for a variety of park activities that takes advantage of the existing topographic site conditions and an existing structure, which holds historic significance to the local community. The master plan includes a central nature center skirted with a variety of learning, physical and interpretive activities. This activity area is located on the highest point of the site overlooking the entire site and out across the valley for several miles. Beyond the nature center the master plan sets guidelines for the existing prairie preservation, pond and wetland enhancements, and a trail system that connects all areas of the park.

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