Hoefer Wysocki has designs set for integrating technology into healthcare with key hires

Martin McIntire - Clinical Technology SolutionsPeter O'Connor - Clinical Technology Solutions

Driven by client requirements, Hoefer Wysocki has added two key industry leaders to launch their Clinical Technology Solutions (CTS) service, Martin McIntire and Peter O’Connor. As part of Hoefer Wysocki’s progressive healthcare architecture practice, CTS provides integrated medical equipment planning and IT design solutions to deliver sound client-side technology solutions.

Martin, or Marty, is 20-year veteran of integrating medical equipment planning and technology design services. He has led the delivery of medical equipment and technology design services to key clients throughout the country and recently spent the past six years in Dubai UAE as Head of Healthcare for the Middle East region for his previous firm.

Peter is also a 20+ year veteran in the industry, specializing in integrated clinical technology and IT solutions. He joins as a Vice President to lead the technology design component of CTS. Peter has served in senior leadership roles for technology design and implementations for leading healthcare firms in the industry.

Clinical Technology Solutions will complement Hoefer Wysocki’s healthcare architecture practice and offer a wider choice of solutions for hospital owners. Once established in the healthcare market, Hoefer Wysocki plans to expand the service line to the other Hoefer Wysocki sectors including civic government, commercial buildings and higher education campuses.

“We are pleased to have the leadership and experience of Marty and Peter to drive this exciting service for our clients,” said our President Rob Welker. “We want to provide a turnkey solution to our clients and offer a service we believe will help us become better architects.  Technology changes the world around us so quickly.  It only makes sense for us to integrate these components into our design process.”

Marty adds, “Patient-care and facility performance are ultimately what everyone is trying to design and build in the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers want more than traditional architectural design and silo-approaches to solutions. They require smarter, faster and better valued solutions. There remains a definitive need for these service to be integrated better into design processes as hospitals continue to grapple with fast-paced equipment and technology changes.  It affects the design space and ultimately how physicians and clinical staff provide care.”

From the time a patient enters the hospital, whether it’s on an emergency basis, routine preventative or maternity care, clinical technology and IT is integrated throughout every aspect of patient care. Having specialists who understand the staggering amount of technology solutions in the market and how to best present and advise on the right alternatives to fulfill each unique healthcare facility’s design is invaluable. This is what CTS will bring to the table.

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