Clinical Technology Solutions (CTS)

The moment a patient steps into a hospital, clinical technology and information technology are integrated throughout every aspect of the patient care experience.

Imagine the technology ecosystem of a hospital as a pool of clear water. Now, imagine new technology dropped into that ecosystem. The first ripple changes to the ecosystem of the hospital is the easiest to see, whether it be impact to an individual system or a space. It’s the second, third or fourth ripple affecting other systems that unbalance healthcare operations.

Specialists who understand the staggering amount of technology solutions in the market and advise on alternatives to fulfill each unique facility’s design are invaluable. Hoefer Wysocki’s Clinical Technology Solutions (CTS) team provides a wide array of options to hospital owners. Our CTS team approaches planning holistically. We incorporate key clinical and technical strategies, weaving them into the design of the healing environment.

Hoefer Wysocki understands how technologies impact each other. This is not limited to an individual system or space, but incorporates the overall clinical technology strategy. Our approach combines the oversight, process, leadership and strategy with the innovation of industry-leading manufacturers. Our CTS team transcends the traditional silo-based technology design approach. This allows for vision, innovation and the application of a clinically-centered technology.

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