Talking About the Future of Healthcare

Hoefer Wysocki CEO and Partner Mitch Hoefer moderates the 2016 Health Care Summit, presented by MetroMediaWire.
Our CEO, Mitch Hoefer, moderated the 2016 Health Care Summit presented by MetroWireMedia.

The forum, which included panelists from the healthcare design and construction industry, focused on the future of healthcare, especially after the previous night’s election. What is absolutely certain is that change is happening on all levels of healthcare from hospitals and patient care, to doctors, to insurance.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The continuing the trend of moving toward more patient-friendly designs, including the concept of micro hospitals, which Kansas City’s St. Luke’s Hospital is looking to employ. Micro hospitals serve two purposes; convenience for patients being closer to their homes, and more personalized care.
  • Part of the consolidation of healthcare systems includes continued major investment in becoming more integrated with technology, especially within their own network to better share patient information and tracking of records.
  • How the aging population is driving up healthcare costs through chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. This is also increase the cost per square foot of construction in medical facilities.
  • Architects and engineers are being asked more and more to be more cost effective in the facility design. New software (for example, upgrades to 3D design software and virtual reality) are enabling the architects and engineers to immediately see the cost changes as a building is being designed and modified.
  • Virtual reality technology is becoming more prevalent when designing a building and enabling the end user to see the facility before construction begins.
  • The Affordable Care Act—yes, there are problems, but the ACA did do one thing right, and everyone agreed, that the ACA lead the movement toward healthier living to prevent illness.
  • In-company services are becoming more and more popular, e.g. Burns & McDonnell offers employees a pharmacy, clinic, daycare, etc., on-site and facilitates wellness programs with its employees. That is an increasing trend for companies that can afford it.

Interior Design Team Helps Say Farewell to Color + Couture

Hoefer Wysocki Interior Designer Bailey Loyd struts the runway in a Roman architecture-inspired gown.Hoefer Wysocki’s interior design team was one of 28 groups that participated in the final Color + Couture runway event hosted by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). The event features models wearing fashion made from carpet, wallcovering, upholstery, tile and other creative interior materials.

Garments are constructed by local architecture and design firms. Our employees crafted a dress made entirely out of upholstery fabrics that met the “Bon Voyage” theme of this year’s Color + Couture. Our team found inspiration in ancient Roman clothing and architecture. Neutral and gold tones mixed with textural fabrics truly made this dress come to life. The overlapping nature of the concrete shell walls of the Jubilee Ministry Center served as inspiration for the pleats in the top portion of the dress.

Hoefer Wysocki Interior Designer and designated team model Bailey Loyd proudly walked the runway wearing the elegant dress. Thank you to the following team members who helped design and construct the outfit:

Jennifer Bahan

Madison Huber

Matthew Baumann

Shannon Hush

Peggy Bennett

Stephani Jamar

Carolyn Boos

Lyndsee Johnson

Amanda Connor

Bailey Loyd

Kim Crane

Jessica Motz

Renee Driskill

Megan Patchen

Tina Haskins

Renae Vos

Hoefer Wysocki Wraps Up Successful Campaign for United Way

A very important piece of Hoefer Wysocki’s culture is to give back to the community. This year, we celebrated our 10th annual “United Way Week” to raise awareness and funds for United Way of Greater Kansas City.

United Way Week is a week-long competition where our offices are split into six teams that compete to raise the most money for United Way. This year’s theme was “Animal House,” with individual team themes being jungle, woodlands, prehistoric, under the sea, safari, and farm. The teams’ hard work and participation helped raise more than $13,000 for people in need within the Kansas City community.

United Way of Greater Kansas City is a non-profit organization that refine and refocus work to help provide community members in need with new opportunities to enter into a cycle of success. The organization focuses on key needs at every stage of life, and gives children, young adults, and families the tools they need to be successful. The end result is highly impactful work with community partners that builds a better life for all of us.

We enjoyed contributing to a wonderful cause to benefit our community members in need. Check out our costumes below:

Hoefer Wysocki celebrates its 10th annual United Way week at the Kansas City office.

Hoefer Wysocki Earns DBIA-MAR Awards

Hoefer Wysocki receives two DBIA design-build awards.

We are thrilled to announce that Hoefer Wysocki received a Design-Build Excellence in Design Award from the Design-Build Institute of America, Mid-America Region for the Northland Innovation Center in Gladstone, Mo.

We are honored to accept this award with our project team, including our partners: McCownGordon Construction, general contractor; and CBC Real Estate Group, developer.

The Design-Build Awards are given annually to projects that achieve the best value while meeting design and construction quality, cost and schedule goals. Submissions are rigorously judged by a panel of industry experts. Winning projects demonstrate advanced and innovative application of total integrated project delivery, including design-build best practices.

The Northland Innovation Center (NIC) will create learning opportunities for future generations that occupy a space programmed for Gladstone’s walkability and expressive community. All members of our design-build team were engaged in the design and construction from the inception of the project.

Hoefer Wysocki, in partnership with JE Dunn Construction, also received a Merit Award for its involvement with designing Eglin Hospital for the U.S. Air Force Base in Niceville, Fla. The project is one of their largest hospitals, and features simple wayfinding, upgraded outpatient and inpatient entries, as well as appropriate zoning and separation of patient and public circulation areas.

Congratulations to all on these tremendous achievements!

Hoefer Wysocki Featured at AIA KS/CSR Conference

The Northland Innovation Center facility in Gladstone, Missouri, featured at the AIA KS/CSR Conference.

Hoefer Wysocki Director of Design Hosam Habib will speak at the 2016 AIA Kansas/Central States Region Conference & Exhibition in Manhattan, Kan., about the Northland Innovation Center (NIC) in Gladstone, Mo.

The NIC is one of nine selected projects featured at the conference, which focuses on exploration of the infrastructure of design, and celebrates the unique cultures that support designs found exclusively in the Midwest. Hosam will spend 60 minutes responding to the conference theme, and offer a unique opportunity for dialogue and learning among attendees.

The NIC is a groundbreaking, state-of-the-art facility, which provides a learning environment for K-12, including Students in Academically Gifted Education (SAGE) from the North Kansas City School District and Northwest Missouri State University (NWMSU) higher education graduate and undergraduate programs. The building introduces its audience to a contemporary environment for education, nested in a re-gentrification of Northland’s up-and-coming neighborhood.

“We reinvented the model for urban structures with the Northland Innovation Center,” Hosam said. “Our goal was to design a creative, sensory space where children feel encouraged to respond to their surroundings. We aligned the design of the building and the program with the teaching process, making it project-focused from use of bright colors to define wayfinding to painted duct work, exposed ceilings and natural lighting throughout the facility.”

The vertical, five-story urban school layout was designed with a project-based learning approach. It features open floor plans that encourage children to learn from one another. Additionally, the facility incorporates a modern playground and a terrace designated for learning outdoors.

“It is an honor to be selected to speak at the conference,” Hosam said. “I look forward to engaging with attendees and sharing experiences amid a new architectural learning landscape.”

The NIC, as well as Hoefer Wysocki’s Kansas State University Foundation project, will also be featured during the infrastructure poster exhibit at the conference.

Congratulations to Hosam and the team:

Harriet Grindel

Bill McBride

Sean Heiman

Brendan Nelson

Stephani Jamar

Jillion Qui

Lyndsee Johnson

Chris Staus

Nick Lawler

Katherine Waldrop