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2016 Dallas Summer Interns

Welcome to Hoefer Wysocki!

Welcoming Hoefer Wysocki's Summer Interns

Summer officially began this week, which means more students are looking forward to starting their summer internships with Hoefer Wysocki. So of course, Hoefer Wysocki would like to partake in another celebratory #WelcomeWednesday! This week we are spotlighting two interns from our Dallas office, Patricia Moriel and Jason Jirele.

Moriel, who will be a senior at Irma Rangel High school, is testing out the architecture waters, deciding if this is truly the major for her. She enjoys drawing, painting, and playing tennis in her free time. Moriel chose Hoefer Wysocki, “because of the different careers it has to offer as well as the friendly work environment.” We are excited Moriel is allowing us to introduce her to the architecture world, and we look forward to a productive summer together.

Jirele, entering his fourth year at Kansas State University, is another architecture intern. Jirele has a secret passion for cooking, particularly pizza and pasta. However, he doesn’t get to cook as often as he would like. If you don’t run into Jirele in the kitchen, you will likely run into him at an airport, because he loves traveling –hello people, he moved to Dallas for the summer. Jirele chose Hoefer Wysocki in Dallas because, “the firm is experiencing a lot of growth.” We are enjoying having Jirele as part of our team, and we know his hard work and determination will produce some innovative work.

Design Matters

Hoefer Wysocki has designs set for integrating technology into healthcare with key hires

Martin McIntire - Clinical Technology SolutionsPeter O'Connor - Clinical Technology Solutions

Driven by client requirements, Hoefer Wysocki has added two key industry leaders to launch their Clinical Technology Solutions (CTS) service, Martin McIntire and Peter O’Connor. As part of Hoefer Wysocki’s progressive healthcare architecture practice, CTS provides integrated medical equipment planning and IT design solutions to deliver sound client-side technology solutions.

Martin, or Marty, is 20-year veteran of integrating medical equipment planning and technology design services. He has led the delivery of medical equipment and technology design services to key clients throughout the country and recently spent the past six years in Dubai UAE as Head of Healthcare for the Middle East region for his previous firm.

Peter is also a 20+ year veteran in the industry, specializing in integrated clinical technology and IT solutions. He joins as a Vice President to lead the technology design component of CTS. Peter has served in senior leadership roles for technology design and implementations for leading healthcare firms in the industry.

Clinical Technology Solutions will complement Hoefer Wysocki’s healthcare architecture practice and offer a wider choice of solutions for hospital owners. Once established in the healthcare market, Hoefer Wysocki plans to expand the service line to the other Hoefer Wysocki sectors including civic government, commercial buildings and higher education campuses.

“We are pleased to have the leadership and experience of Marty and Peter to drive this exciting service for our clients,” said our President Rob Welker. “We want to provide a turnkey solution to our clients and offer a service we believe will help us become better architects.  Technology changes the world around us so quickly.  It only makes sense for us to integrate these components into our design process.”

Marty adds, “Patient-care and facility performance are ultimately what everyone is trying to design and build in the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers want more than traditional architectural design and silo-approaches to solutions. They require smarter, faster and better valued solutions. There remains a definitive need for these service to be integrated better into design processes as hospitals continue to grapple with fast-paced equipment and technology changes.  It affects the design space and ultimately how physicians and clinical staff provide care.”

From the time a patient enters the hospital, whether it’s on an emergency basis, routine preventative or maternity care, clinical technology and IT is integrated throughout every aspect of patient care. Having specialists who understand the staggering amount of technology solutions in the market and how to best present and advise on the right alternatives to fulfill each unique healthcare facility’s design is invaluable. This is what CTS will bring to the table.

2016 Kansas City Summer Interns

Welcome to Hoefer Wysocki!


This week in our Kansas City office, we are welcoming four new employees to the Hoefer Wysocki team. That means we are having a #FlashbackFriday to our #WelcomeWednesday!

Jonathan Crookham, an architectural intern from University of Kansas, will be with us for the next seven months. He is interested in health and wellness, and feels like Hoefer Wysocki is an opportunity to learn from people with a lot of experience. Johnathan is in his fifth year at KU, and is from Houston, Texas. He enjoys Soccer, eating Tex-Mex, and is the youngest of 4 siblings.

Taylor Liles is from the University of Kansas, and is in her second year of graduate school. She is originally from Kansas City, and when she is not working she enjoys traveling and running (this girl ran a half marathon this year!). Taylor is really excited to be at Hoefer Wysocki because she can “gain exposure to many different project types.” But she also loves the people here as well. She claims:“I am excited about the friendly and fun culture in the office.”

Michaela Hoefer is an architectural intern from the University of Kansas, and she is in her fourth year of school. This will be Michaela’s second year with us, but when she is not in the studio Michaela is either spending time with her cats or listening to music, taking photos, or watching Netflix. Michaela has grown up around architecture (hint hint look at the last name people!) and chose Hoefer Wysocki because “The boss is really awesome and I love it here.”

The interns will gain hands on experience working alongside the full time architects in our firm to work on projects that are creative and exciting that live up to the Hoefer Wysocki name. We are excited to have these individuals in our office, and we cannot wait to see what awesome ideas they bring to the table!

We also need to welcome a new full-time team member, Scott Johnson. Scott just graduated with a Master’s degree in architecture from University of Nebraska. Scott has fun golfing, watching Cubs baseball, cooking, and his favorite food is extra cheesy pizza. He has worked for a few firms in Nebraska before officially deciding on Hoefer Wysocki. He claims he ultimately chose to work at Hoefer Wysocki “because I wanted to work at a firm with a wide range of projects and have an opportunity to work on healthcare projects.” With Scott’s interest in healthcare design and sustainability, and Hoefer Wysocki’s dedication to healthcare design and architecture, it’s clear that together they are going to create a perfect match.



KCCSI Excellence in Design Award


The Kansas City Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute (KCCSI) announced last week that our Sungevity office project won an Excellence in Design Award. The award is given to a firm that has demonstrated overall design excellence for aesthetics, clarity, creativity, functionality, building performance, and appropriateness with regard to fulfilling the client’s program.

Congrats to our project team of principal-in-charge Rob Welker, designer Michael Goslinga, project managers Tim Kitchens and Ellen Swindler (interiors), project architect James Evrard, interior designer Erin Baird, and construction administrator Ashley Eusey. The award ceremony will be at the Muehlebach Suite at the Boulevard Brewing Company on June 9.

The project is the solar technology’s first expansion since opening its doors in 2007. The 82,000 square-foot space speaks to the heart of Sungevity’s culture of openness, interaction and energy. The space is composed around an open central hub that overlooks the adjacent four-story atrium. This central hub links social areas and meeting spaces in an open and interactive environment, and provides easy access to work areas.

Phase one actually occupies space in two buildings, the spaces being connected by a glass-enclosed bridge offering views of the building’s atrium and of the company’s offices located in the opposite building.  When the next phase of the project is built out, the area will be highlighted by an open stair to ensure a collaborative, easily accessible environment for all employees regardless of the floor on which they work. The space will eventually be home to 595 employees at full build-out, provides space and resources for solar sales consultants, customer service staff, operations managers, trainers, and design engineers.


Pages from KCCSI 2016 Awards and Recognition - Sungevity Photos


Pages from KCCSI 2016 Awards and Recognition - Sungevity Photos-2

Pages from KCCSI 2016 Awards and Recognition - Sungevity Photos-3

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